This is the second post for this bag, Picotin 26.

I did the same review last year but now the organizer structure changed and the height of the organizer changed so let's do it again!

In 3mm thick felt, the Bronze Green is the best match to Etoupe.

But as I do not prefer 3mm thick felt for Hermes bags, I picked the most closest colors from 2mm thick felt, are Chestnut & Dark Dune.

But the best choice for Etoupe color is Dark dune.

I guess a lot of people think that Chestnut might be good with Etoupe so I'll show you how it looks like with Etoupe.

↓↓↓2mm Chestnut ↓↓↓

Chestnut color is kind of okay with etoupe outside,

But with this particular bag inside, raw leather, it does not really quite match to.

Top Question: What's the best color to match LV Pivoine Lining?

Let's get started!

↓↓↓2mm Hot Pink ↓↓↓

This is the most picked color for Pivoine lining. Usually customers prefer 2mm thick felt so even though the color is a bit lighter than the lining, this is #1 selling.

The model I used for Hot pink is the link right below,

↓↓↓2.5mm Magenta ↓↓↓

In my opinion, this is the best match color to the lining.


This is the first review in 2019 started with Christian Dior Lady Dior Mini Bag.

Over half of a year, I was busy with taking care of my baby and also purchased 2-5 bags every month which required to make a lot of organizers for those bags so no time to do this blog post.


I picked Patent black.

Patent is easy to handle, it does not get scratched easily.

It's already 2mm standard organizer inside.

We've recently changed the shape of organizer to give more natural looking to the bag.

So the organizer slightly taper up.

Right below, there is no organizer inside. Just for your comparison.

And I just threw some my belongings in the bag (without organizer).

It's like everything moving inside and making some sounds when they hit by each other and getting some scratches each other and to the leather as well.

So I took out everything.


Today's review is "CHANEL GABRIELLE HOBO Medium"

I did a short feed review instagram @samorga before and I think it's better to write a blog.

Chanel Gabrielle Hobo has hard base but very soft in the quilted area.

There are all red colors we have here.

2mm Red

3mm Sangria

3mm Crimson

4mm Smoke Red

Those are the similar colors to the Chanel Gabrielle Hobo bag red lining.

Today, I am going to do a review with Hermes Etain color which is one of the most popular color.

I have my stuffs ready 😃

I compared Etain with all our gray color selection and finally come up with 3mm Slate Gray

It is a little darker than Etain but well-blended.

Please see the below photo for other gray color comparisons.

This is the type, HB35-5.

Hermes Birkin 35 insert is tapered up slightly.

*Different computer monitors will display a color differently for a variety of reasons